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Our mission is a vibrant celebration of originality, empowering businesses to embrace their individuality and shine brightly in the crowded digital landscape. Born from a quest to defy conventions, we equip visionary entrepreneurs with the tools to craft brands that break free from the mundane and captivate audiences with authenticity and innovation. We’re here to make sure you’re memorable, not just trendy.

Defying the age of average

Our Mission

Kaitlyn is a designer, art director, and our creative director at Mango CoLab. She has over 15 years of design experience under her belt, working with businesses of all sizes from solopreneurs to a Fortune 50 retailer. Her empathetic nature and creative spirit make her our go-to for all things branding and design.  

Founder & Creative Director


We like to call Elliott our “chief chaos tamer.” He's part numbers guy, part project manager and part client support. He's our man behind the curtain and truly the backbone (or the pit 😉) of Mango CoLab. 

Chief Chaos Tamer (aka COO)


We’re always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who share our dedication to celebrating uniqueness and crafting extraordinary brand stories. Whether you’re a creative visionary, a strategic thinker or a design aficionado, if you’re as enthusiastic about making brands unforgettable as we are, let’s talk partnership possibilities.

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